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Supported Devices

Status in February 2023: Jolla has ported Sailfish OS to the following phone models. Sailfish OS can be installed on the following devices. The table below corresponds to Sailfish OS version 4.5.0.

One can purchase the Sailfish X licence and download an installable Sailfish OS image from Jolla Shop.

DeviceModelRequired stock Android version1Kernel / BSP2AppSupport3 version /
API Level4
First Sailfish OS release
Xperia 10 III Dual SIMXQ-BT52Android 11
(12 is ok)
4.19 / 1111 / 304.4.0
Vanha Rauma
Xperia 10 II Single SIMXQ-AU51Android 11
(10 is ok)
4.14 / 10-“-4.1.0
Xperia 10 II Dual SIMXQ-AU52-“--“--“--“-
Xperia 10 Single SIMI3113, I3123Android 9
(do not use 10)
4.9 / 9-“-3.2.0
Xperia 10 Dual SIMI4113, I4193-“--“--“--“-
Xperia 10 Plus Single SIMI3213, I3223-“--“--“--“-
Xperia 10 Plus Dual SIMI4213, I4293-“--“--“--“-
Xperia XA2 Single SIMH3113, H3123, H3133Android 94.4 / 8.1-“-3.0.0
Xperia XA2 Dual SIMH4113, H4133-“--“--“--“-
Xperia XA2 Plus Single SIMH3413-“--“--“--“-
Xperia XA2 Plus Dual SIMH4413, H4493-“--“--“--“-
Xperia XA2 Ultra Single S.H3213, H3223-“--“--“--“-
Xperia XA2 Ultra Dual SIMH4213, H4233-“--“--“--“-
Xperia X Single SIMF5121Android 83.10 / 64.4.4 / 192.1.2
Xperia X Dual SIMF5122-“--“--“--“-
Gemini PDAX25(NA)3.18 / 7N/A3.0.2
Gemini PDAX27(NA)3.18 / 7N/A-“-
Jolla Tablet (NA)3.10 / / 19(NA)
Jolla C (NA)3.10 / 54.4.4 / 19(NA)
  1. Required stock Android version : The Android version of a phone (shown in the “About phone” menu) before flashing Sailfish OS to it. 

  2. BSP : BSP = Board Support Package, Android drivers prepared for certain Android version. 

  3. AppSupport : AppSupport is the sales name of the Android runtime environment of Sailfish OS 

  4. API Level : The version of Android API implemented into AppSupport.