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Test tool CSD

Sailfish devices have a built-in customer service diagnostic tool, abbreviated CSD. This test tool makes it possible for users to verify the key functions of their devices.

Opening the CSD

Access the tool by tapping the item “Build” five times or more in “Settings > System > About product”. The tool pops up in a few seconds showing the Disclaimer page first.

  • About product Pic 1: About product
  • Disclaimer Pic 2: CSD disclaimer

Please read the text carefully. Accept the disclaimers by tapping ‘Accept’ at the top right corner.

NOTE:  Interpreting the test results correctly may not be easy without suitable technical training.  Please seek help from the Sailfish Forum or from Jolla Customer Support.

Main categories

There are three main categories of tests (Pic 3):

  1. Factory tests
  2. Hardware tests
  3. Device status

We recommend using categories #2 and 3#. The only reason for using category #1 would be to run some long-lasting tests. Everything else and more are covered by category #2. The device status category provides data mainly on power consumption.

  • Test categories Pic 3: Test categories

All hardware tests

Tap “All tests” to enter the category of Hardware tests.

The tests are grouped by technology areas. The groups are shown at the right of the display (Pic 4). After executing a test, the verdict is shown with green or red colour in the list of tests (Pic 5).

The test results can be cleared by pulling down “Clear test results” for the next round.

  • Hardware tests Pic 4: Hardware tests
  • Test results in colours Pic 5: Test results in colours

Test procedures

Each test has a short written procedure. Please follow it precisely.

Picture 6 below shows the test procedure of the loudspeaker test for example.

  • Loudspeaker test Pic 6: Procedure of the loudspeaker test

After executing a test, some of them give the verdict of “Pass” or “Fail” automatically (Pic 7 below) whereas in some other cases, you must decide on the verdict based on your interpretation of the test results (Pic 8). In such a test, tap the appropriate button (Pass or Fail).

  • Test verdict USB charging Pic 7: Test verdict of the USB charging test
  • Test verdict loudspeaker Pic 8: Test verdict of the loudspeaker test


The CSD tests do not have a reporting utility. Take screenshots if there is a need to save test results.