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Using the Camera app

To launch the Camera app, tap on the “Camera” icon.

  • icon_camera

Camera can be also opened directly from the lock screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, this also requires that the “Quick access to Camera” is enabled from Settings > System > Gestures.

Two ways to take a picture once the camera app is opened:

  1. You can immediately take a picture by tapping the capture button from the camera app.

  2. It is possible to take a picture by pressing down one of the volume keys, aiming and then releasing the key. This is the best way of taking sharp pictures. Note that the Camera app can be operated both in portrait and landscape orientations.


The picture below presents the viewfinder view of the camera. On top there is the toolbar row, and by touching it all of the options will appear.

At bottom left you can adjust the exposure easily. The capture button is at bottom in the middle in this case.

The circle in the middle is the focus area. The camera sets the focus according to the distance and illumination of it. It is possible to move the focus area to a different location in the “Tap to focus” mode (see “Adjusting settings” below).

  • viewfinder

The viewfinder may look different on different phone models, below you can see the viewfinder of the Xperia X10 II, it has the choice of lense buttons too, indicated with numbers 1.0, 2.0 and 0.6 (representing the normal, tele and wide-angle lenses)

  • viewfinder X10 II

Flicking through captured photos in Camera

When you have taken a photo, swipe right to see the photos you’ve taken with the camera. This view is called the “Camera roll”. It works in a similarly as Gallery: Deleting/Sharing/Ambiance creating menu is on the bottom of the view.

Swiping left will take you back to the Camera viewfinder again.

You can later view and manage your pictures in the Gallery app - see the related help articles. On the file system level your pictures go to folder “$HOME/Pictures/Camera”. If you view your pictures from a PC over USB, then you can find them under Sailfish device in folder “Phone Memory > Pictures > Camera”.

Shutter button

The location of the capture button can be moved on the screen. Tap and hold the viewfinder screen until several circles appear. Tap one to move the capture button there.

Adjusting settings

The settings of Jolla Camera are listed below. Please read more about the settings in this article.

Settings useful at the moment of capturing a picture

These settings are brought to the display by touching the top of the viewfinder:

  • Colour filtering on/off
  • Capture delay: 0, 3, 10 or 15 seconds
  • Camera flash: Automatic , Flash off , Flash on 
  • Viewfinder grid: No grid/Thirds grid
  • White balance can be adjusted from the right side of the view finder Automatic (AWB)
  • Camera modes: Still camera and Video camera 
  • Camera selection: Main camera, Front camera.
  • Reset to default settings (in the bottom right corner of the screen)

In addition also the exposure can be increased and decreased by the vertical slider. On some devices (e.g. Jolla C) you can select various (automatic) exposure modes.

  • camera_settings

Less frequently needed settings

The less frequently needed settings are located in menu Settings > Apps > Camera. From there you can adjust these settings shown on the screenshot.

  • camera_app_settings