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HW Adaptation


  1. Overview


Sailfish OS is, of course, designed to run on actual devices and there are a number of areas related to making that work smoothly.

Logically the flow is:

  • Port Sailfish OS to work on a given device
  • Build an image
  • Install (flash) the image onto the device

However the order in which they’re most used is:

Different devices have different mechanisms for some of the steps related to flashing; the Devices page provides links which may be helpful for some devices.

The hardware areas which need adapting are:

  • kernel
  • display
  • touch
  • LED indicator
  • audio
  • NFC
  • bluetooth
  • GSM : SMS/voice/data
  • wlan : connect/hotspot
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Sensors : Ambient Light/PS/Accel/Gyro/Magnetic
  • Keys: Home/Volume
  • Vibra
  • Haptics
  • Power management
  • Real time clock/alarms
  • USB : Network/Charging
  • FM Radio

The status of community adaptations to common devices are recorded here.