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The Harbour is a curated repository of applications and other content for Sailfish OS devices. It provides the backend for the Sailfish OS Store and contains both commercial and free content (including apps, ambiences, and extension plugins) which are available for users of Sailfish OS devices.

Sailfish OS apps

When your app is ready bring it to the Harbour and we’ll make sure it’s working, compatible with Sailfish OS and help you launch it for Jolla device. After that you can follow the development on your dashboard and make any corrections.

It’s free to join and submit applications to Sailfish OS Store.

Validating your app

Before you submit your app to Harbour, you should run it through the RPM validator, which makes sure that your app conforms to the rules of Harbour - e.g. that it uses only the allowed APIs and permissions. When you use our SDK for creating your application packages, the validator runs automatically when you deploy your package, and you can see the results of the validator run in the compilation window.

In case you are wondering which APIs are allowed, they are listed on the Harbour Allowed APIs page. Similarly, the allowed permissions are listed on the Allowed Permissions page. And if you are wondering what it takes to get an API added to the list of allowed APIs, there’s a separate page for that

Submit a new app

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and have an app that you hope is seaworthy. Tell us all about it and Harbour QA will inspect it to make sure there are no obvious problems – like a big hole in the hull! When we’re happy it’s all watertight, we’ll let you know and you’ll be ready for a launch party.

Monitor your app

Monitor downloads, likes, reviews simply and easily! Engaging with your user base is made easy with the Harbour dashboard.

Welcome to Jolla Harbour!