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Sailfish OS has a vibrant and passionate community following ( o/ everyone!! )

Our Open Source philosophy and our heritage from Maemo, MeeGo and Mer means that our community has roots (and members) going back over 10 years.

What’s it about?

One of the important motivations for getting involved in the Open Source world is said to be ‘scratching an itch’ – the idea that something isn’t quite how you’d want it to be so you try to ‘fix’ it.

Well that itch can come in many areas; historically Open Source has primarily been about software development and whilst it’s still the largest area there’s a lot more going on:

  • All kinds of documentation: tutorials, user guides, reference information, examples
  • Helping out: talking to people, arranging meet ups, planning
  • Graphic design: making things look good
  • Software development: applications, middleware, systems, websites
  • Quality assurance: managing bugs and faults, triaging
  • And, of course, using it: the first step in joining a community is using (and hopefully enjoying!) the product; the second step is finding the community and getting involved in some way.

Sharing and talking

So how can you talk with like-minded people?

A lot of our community members gather in the Sailfish OS Forum; it’s friendly and helpful – and mostly run by users. It’s where you’d go to find answers to all kinds of questions or to discuss thoughts with others.

There’s a lot of activity on Jolla’s Facebook page and Twitter (from Jolla and the community)

We also have real-time chat on IRC – there are ‘channels’ there for general discussions about Sailfish OS as well as more technical channels for chat about developing on Sailfish OS and a very popular channel devoted to porting Sailfish OS to work on other devices. Read more about connecting to IRC and the channels that we’re in.

We work with other communities too, such as Qt who are important partners for Sailfish OS and a lot of development is done there too.

Finally, just to prove we’re not all highly advanced AI’s, we meet up in person as well – there have been community meetups for Jolla, Sailfish OS and other communities in cities all around the globe. There’s always something happening at FOSDEM and we participate in many other community gatherings too.