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IRC Guidelines

  • Ask smart questions: Eric Raymond wrote a good text on how best to ask questions - - reading this text and understanding it will help you to get the optimal experience out of the communication within the Sailfish OS project and the best answers to help your work
  • Keep it clean: many of us participate from work, so keep the language clean
  • Don’t be a jerk: treat people with respect and consideration - no regional, racial, gender or other abuse will be tolerated. We are people from all over the world and we come from many different projects and we all have to work together on the Sailfish OS
  • Be helpful: be patient with new people and be willing to jump in to answer questions
  • Stay calm: the written word is always subject to interpretation, so give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to let emotions get out of control
  • Don’t post chunks: avoid posting big chunks of text - use a pastebin or a similar service to shorten it to a link
  • Be Patient: Folks might not be around when you ask a question so wait a while for someone to speak before leaving
  • Don’t Private Message: Ask permission before you send someone a private message (PM) as not everyone likes them. Also by keeping it in public others with similar issues can see the solution you were given

Guideline Violations - 3 Strikes Method

The point of this section is not to find opportunities to punish people, but we do need a fair way to deal with people who are making our community an unpleasant place:

  • First occurrence: Public reminder that the behavior is inappropriate according to our guidelines
  • Second occurrence: Private message warning the user that any additional violations will result in removal from the community
  • Third occurrence: Depending on the violation, may include account deletion or banning


  • Obvious spammers are banned on first occurrence. This is necessary to keep the community free of spam
  • Violations are forgiven after 6 months of good behavior
  • Minor formatting / style infractions will be dealt with through education, not the 3 strikes process
  • Extreme violations of a threatening, abusive, destructive or illegal nature will be addressed immediately and are not subject to 3 strikes