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SDK Uninstallation

The Sailfish SDK comes with a maintenance tool, named SDKMaintenanceTool that can be used to remove the complete installation (for Windows 8 read known issues). You can find it listed in your host distribution’s system menu or directly in the installed directory, for example in Linux ~/SailfishOS.


  • The emulator and build engine virtual machines are powered off.
  • The VirtualBox software is not running.
  • The Sailfish IDE (Qt Creator) is not running.


Run the SDKMaintenanceTool

  • On Linux open terminal and type $ ~/SailfishOS/SDKMaintenanceTool
  • On Windows press Start and type SDKMaintenanceTool
  • In OS X open Spotlight (cmd+space) and type SDKMaintenanceTool

Select Remove all components and click Next.


Follow the instructions on the wizard. Once the uninstallation has completed successfully, you will see the following screen. Click Finish to exit the wizard.