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SDK ↔ Platform SDK Command Map

As described in the other articles, it is possible to use either the Sailfish SDK or the Sailfish Platform SDK for developing both the platform and the applications. This article provides you with a reference chart, making it easier to find the command to use if you already know the command for the other environment.

Managing Targets

ActionPlatform SDK commandSailfish SDK command
List targetssdk-assistant target listsfdk tools target list
List toolingssdk-assistant tooling listsfdk tools tooling list
List both targets and toolingssdk-assistant listsfdk tools list
List targets available in repos-sfdk tools list -a
Install target from repo-sfdk tools install
Install tooling/target from URL/filesdk-assistant createsfdk tools install-custom
Clone tooling/targetsdk-assistant clonesfdk tools clone
Updating tooling/targetsdk-assistant updatesfdk tools update
Register tooling/targetsdk-assistant registersfdk tools register
Remove tooling/targetsdk-assistant removesfdk tools remove
Search packages in tooling/targetsdk-assistant package-searchsfdk tools package-search
Install packages in tooling/targetsdk-assistant package-installsfdk tools package-install
Remove packages from tooling/targetsdk-assistant package-removesfdk tools package-remove
Execute maintenance commandssdk-assistant maintainsfdk tools exec
 mb2 build-shell –maintainsfdk build-shell –maintain

Building Packages

ActionPlatform SDK commandSailfish SDK command
Choosing build targetalias mb2=’mb2 –target …’sfdk config target=…
Initialize build directorymb2 build-initsfdk build-init
Execute arbitrary commandsmb2 build-shellsfdk build-shell
Building packagemb2 buildsfdk build
Execute individual build stepmb2 qmakesfdk qmake
 mb2 makesfdk make
 mb2 make-installsfdk make-install
 mb2 packagesfdk package
Setting output diralias mb2=’mb2 –output-prefix …’sfdk config output-prefix=…
 alias mb2=’mb2 –task’sfdk config task

Deploying packages

ActionPlatform SDK commandSailfish SDK command
Deploy package(s)mb2 deploysfdk deploy

Note: With platform packages, it is often most convenient to use the --zypper-dup deployment method, and with application packages, it is often most convenient to use the --sdk deployment method. Both methods are available on both tools.

As Platform SDK does not come with a tool to configure devices, --shared-folder parameter has to be used for pointing it to Sailfish SDK shared directory, e.g.: mb2 deploy --shared-folder ~/SailfishOS/vmshare

Quality assurance

ActionPlatform SDK commandSailfish SDK command
Execute testsmb2 checksfdk check