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Gallery Accounts

Gallery Accounts

In order to implement a new type of gallery account, we need three parts:

  1. Gallery Extension Plugin, which implements a media source for the gallery application
  2. Buteo client plugin which implements synchronization. On the Accounts and SSO side, the plugin provides a sync service. The service is called <provider>-images, where <provider> is the id of the provider.
  3. Settings UI

In practice it usually does not make sense to download all images from the server during synchronization, but just store the information about available images. The gallery media source can then download and cache the images when the user wants to view the images.

Gallery extension plugins implement media sources for the gallery application.

The gallery application looks for media sources in /usr/share/jolla-gallery/mediasources. Each media source is a QML component, with MediaSource as a root element. MediaSource is included in the 1.0 module.


MediaSource has a few properties, which are described below:

iconurlSee MediaSourceIcon
pageurlSee MediaSourcePage
titlestringLabel of the album
readyboolOnly those media sources which are ready are visible
model Top level model for the media source
countintTotal number of images provided by this media source
busyboolIf true, busy indicator is shown on the gallery start page


The icon property of MediaSource is a URL, pointing to a component which provides an icon to be displayed on the gallery start page.

MediaSourceIcon provides a base class to be used for the icons. It extends Item with following properties:

timerIntervalintInterval for the timer, in milliseconds
timerEnabledboolMust be set to true to enable timer
modelvarmodel of the media source, automatically set when loaded

MediaSourceIcon has one signal, timerTriggered, which is emitted when the timer is triggered.


The page property of MediaSource is a URL, pointing to a component which provides a gallery page for the media source.

MediaSourcePage provides a base class for the pages. It extends Page with following properties, which are set automatically when the page is created.

titlestringMedia source title
modelvarMedia source model

Service configuration

The sync service configuration is done via Settings UI. The location of image files on the server is configured via settings key images_path. If OnlineSyncAccountCreationAgent or OnlineSyncAccountsSettingsAgent are used, this setting is configured in the advanced settings dialog.

Sync profiles

The sync profiles are created by the Account settings UI. If OnlineSyncAccountCreationAgent or OnlineSyncAccountsSettingsAgent are used, the profiles are created for those services listed in sharedScheduleServices.