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Backup Accounts

Backup Accounts

Backup accounts are implemented as Buteo client plugins. On the Accounts and SSO side, the plugin provides a storage service. The service is called <provider>-backup, where <provider> is the id of the provider.

Note that backup accounts are always online accounts. No account is needed for creating a backup on a SD card.

Service configuration

The backup service configuration is done via Account Settings UI. The location of backup files on the server is configured via settings key backups_path. If OnlineSyncAccountCreationAgent or OnlineSyncAccountsSettingsAgent are used, this setting is configured in the advanced settings dialog.

Note that it is possible to access the Account settings UI also from Backup settings, in order to create a backup account if no backup accounts exist on the device.

Sync profiles

Even though the accounts are created and the services configured via Account Settings UI, the sync profiles are not. Instead they are created by the Backup settings UI (Settings → System → Backup). There are three profiles for each provider: Backup, BackupQuery and BackupRestore. Each profile matches to an operation, which are described below.


Towards Buteo the interface of all three operations is basically the same: The client plugin implements Buteo::ClientPlugin::startSync() method, which is called when the operation is requested.

Backup operation

The creation of the backup file is done by backup/restore application (jolla-vault). When Buteo::ClientPlugin::startSync() method is called, the client plugin uses D-Bus to initiate the backup. The backup/restore application listens to org.sailfishos.backup interface at path /sailfishbackup on the org.sailfishos.backup service on the session bus. The following methods are available:

methodargumentsreturn valuedescription
backupFileDeviceId stringDevice ID, to be used as backup directory name
createBackupForSyncProfileProfile IDstringStarts backup to file, returns backup file path

The backup/restore application uses the following signals to notify about the progress:

cloudBackupStatusChangedint accountId, string statusUploadingBackup Backup file is ready to be uploaded
Canceled Backup operation was canceled
Error Backup operation failed
cloudBackupErrorint accountId, string error, string errorString 

Finally, once the upload is complete, the client plugin emits success() or error() to notify Buteo.

Backup Query operation

Backup Query operation takes care of requesting a list of backup files available on the server.

Again, the operation is started by a call to Buteo::ClientPlugin::startSync(). The client then fetches the list of backup files from server, and uses the following method to report the result to the backup/restore application:

setCloudBackupsstring profileId, string[] backupsreport list of found backups on the server

And again, once the operation is finished, Buteo is notified by emitting success() or error()

Backup Restore operation

Backup Restore operation fetches a backup file from the remote server.

The local path, including the backup file name, for the backup file is stored in the sync profile key sfos-backuprestore-file.

Once finished downloading, the client plugin notifies Buteo by emitting success() or error()